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On 28, Oct 2016 | No Comments | In | By admin – Explainer Video

Video created for to explain the advantages of becoming a partner and advertising on their platform.

The video uses infographic style characters and icons.

It was built using the official color palette of the website, we’ve added some custom sound effects to each motion giving a dynamic feel to the whole message.

OneThousandDoors Sales Video

Sales video for the leading provider of capital funding services and real estate business solutions.

On 08, Oct 2015 | No Comments | In | By admin

For Lois – Shane Koyczan

A beautiful poem by the super talented Shane Koyczan.

The video was composed using 3D particle animation to produce a cloud like effect.


On 07, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In | By admin

Curtti – Custom Video Animation is a Social Bookmark website, a place for people to share and vote on the most interesting links on the web.

A story line was created to explain what problems are being solved with the service.

The video was composed using 2D animation based on the website’s color palette.

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TEDxNHH Promo Video

This video was created for the first TEDx event in Norway; TEDxNHH.

We are glad to have been a part of this spectacular event and contribute to its success.

The concept of the video was linked to the theme of the event: “The Birth of Inspiration”. We wanted to incite a sense of responsibility towards future generations and how we benefit from the advances of previews contributors.

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