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Background Video for Websites only $695!

Background Video for Websites

You can have a professionally designed Background Video in 4 days!

One of the coolest things to grace the internet in the past few years is the appearance of background video for websites. This technique has the power to transform a static and boring website into a lively visual experience for the user.

Since we started creating background video for websites we have acquired a lot of knowledge regarding the best practices, formats and how to perfectly match the look and feel of a background video with the brand that wants to use it. Here are a few examples of our background video work, we hope you like them! Social Mobile App

For this site we combined several scenes of people using their mobile phones and having fun. Targeted at young mobile users, the app landing page came alive with this beautiful background video. Web Hosting Company

The desk, the keyboard and the screens are all items that the clients of all relate with. This background video helped the company improve their site’s design and its connection with customers.

JungleJuniors: Baby Sitter Marketplace

Beautiful scenes of children having fun with their caring nannies. This heart warming background video helps visitors understand the kinds of experiences their kids will have with JungleJunior’s baby sitters. Freelancer

Background videos are not only for big business. In this case a background video was used to show the innovative side of a professional freelancer. Mobile App

Anjos is a mobile app providing safety and peace of mind to those who are using it and their families. For this project we have chosen a loop of clouds to use as a relaxing video background.

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