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How to Write a Video Script

On 02, Jun 2014 | No Comments | In Tips and Guidelines | By admin

Video marketing is simple and cost-effective. A video can be a powerful tool to communicate with an audience; it should leave a huge impact on them.

But just as a good video content is important, it’s equally critical to have a well – written video script. A powerful script can be a potent tool for an engaging video and can define its success.

Here are a few tips on how to write a video script:

  1. Have a concise script with simple sentences and avoid too much jargon. It should be engaging and compelling enough to hold the attention span of your audience and for them to continue listening to you.
  2. Go through multiple iterations before you get the script right.
  3. You should have a thorough knowledge of the script subject.
  4. The gist/core of the message should be conveyed at the beginning itself. This should be told in a manner that the audience is enthused enough to continue to watch the rest of the video.
  5. Knowing and connecting with your audience is very essential. Viewers should relate to what you are talking about. Present the problem which the audience identifies with. The language and the tone should be appropriate and relevant to the video content.
  6. At every stage of the script- the viewer should be able to feel that there is something in there for him/her.
  7. Focus on your potential customers.
  8. Tell your audience how you can be useful to them, share your USP with them, tell them what you bring to the table and try to develop a trust relationship.
  9. If possible take real-life examples to connect with your audience. Don’t just give them facts and statistics. Create a story about what you are doing, everyone loves listening to stories rather than boring facts. You can also show stories about satisfied customers.
  10. Bring in a dose of humour in your script; humour connects people like nothing else does. But the humour should be seconding your message and should not be misplaced.
  11. Go slow in your delivery, so that the audience has the time to absorb and reflect on what you have said.
  12. You should be able to articulate your message clearly and at the end summarise and present your call to action – giving the next steps the viewer should take to get started on your product.

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