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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Online Video.

On 16, Jun 2014 | No Comments | In Business | By admin

Video marketing and branding has recently become a hot commodity in the world of Online Advertising. More consumers are going online to learn about brands, what they offer, or how their products work.

The fact is, online videos can make or break an individual’s decision to purchase your service or product. You may be asking how does this happen? Below we have outlined 3 distinct reasons why your business needs online videos and how they can impact your business.

1. Because it’s growing. The statistics show that 85% of US internet users are watching online videos. About 25% of videos watched are ads. In other words, online video advertising accounts for nearly a quarter of all videos watched online every month. It is only logical then, that your business should be utilizing videos to build traffic to your online business.

2. Because it works. Text can only get you so far with customers. Brochures, magazines, and even newspapers include colorful images to accompany the text to appeal to readers. The internet, on the other hand, opens up an entirely new platform where interactive videos can be placed next to text. Videos can be used to demonstrate products or explain how a service works. The results include increasing your brand awareness and generating revenue.

3. Because it gives you more exposure. If you are limiting your company’s marketing strategy to just television, print, or radio then you are missing out on the untapped potential of the internet, and experts agree. A survey from BrightRoll revealed that out of 150 top marketing executives more than 91% believed that online video is just as effective, if not more effective as display advertising. Out of the 91%, a startling 75% believe that it is more effective than Television advertising! If that isn’t enough reason to bring videos to your business website then we aren’t sure what is.

Take a tip from the experts and start using online video advertising to increase your Brand awareness and to generate more sales over the long run.

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